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coaches & mentors

Sometimes, as a parent, you need more than general tips and tricks. Below you will find a collection of Greenville County parenting coaches and mentors. These professionals come from a variety of backgrounds and can help guide you and your family through various behavioral issues. 

Our parenting COACHES work side by side with parents and caregivers of children birth to age 12 on mild to moderate behavioral issues. Some examples of support they provide are coping with stress, infant sleep patterns, toddler tantrums, preschooler interrupting, and elementary school chores. Some coaches work one-on-one, and some coaches provide group facilitation. For a complete list of topics, click here.

Our parenting MENTORS are here for you when your child's behavior problems are more serious. Provided both one-on-one and in a group setting, these services are best for motivated parents interested in gaining a more in-depth understanding of positive parenting. Parents will deep dive into positive parenting, create a parenting plan, and practice new skills. 


Reach out to a parenting coach if you need help with mild to moderate behavioral issues. Some coaches work with parents/caregivers virtually and some work in-person.

Debora Vanderveer

Greenville County schools

864-355-6422 (office)

Jenny Parrott

Chandler Creek Elementary

864-355-2483 (office)

Melena Hood

Little Steps

864-616-0376 (call or text)

Stacey Scott

Greenville County schools

864-982-1809 (call or text)

Tiffany Whitney

Greenville County Schools

864-355-2989 (office)

Gayle ford

SHARE headstart

864-269-0700 (office)

Leanne Ramirez

Greenville County Schools

864-355-2079 (office)

Nita Williams

Greer relief

864-735-8068 (call or text)

Sylvia Vandross

Disciples Fellowship Baptist

864-380-0992 (call or text)

Wenxin Zhang

Greenville Community

864-660-3486 (call or text)


Connect with a parenting mentor if you need help with more severe behavioral issues. Some mentors work with parents and caregivers virtually and some work in-person. 

Boyd stout

Carolina Family Services

Holden LeCroy

Bloom behavioral therapy

864-383-0384 (office)

Karen Durham

The Parenting Place

864-982-4904 (call or text)

Lauren Griffin

Greater Greenville
Mental Health

864-355-8800 (office)

Sara Mendez

Greater Greenville
Mental Health

Haley Brinkley

Greater Greenville
Mental Health

864-777-0499 (call or text)

Jami Houck

Greater Greenville
Mental Health

864-355-1996 (office)

Kathy Miller

Greenville Community

864-365-7065 (call or text)

Nita Williams

Greer Relief

864-735-8068 (call or text)

Stephanie Smith

Greater Greenville
Mental Health

864-354-8485 (call or text)

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